What’s On Your Mind

You can be strong, encouraged, refreshed, and passionate if you frequently keep your mind stayed on God’s sufficiencies (II Corinthians 12:9, Isaiah 26:3).
You will become downhearted, discouraged, depressed, and wore out if
you focus your mind on your deficiencies .
Each of the following sentences contrasts the possible focus of our thoughts.  Strength comes from learning to focus on the first part of each sentence.
1. Walk in God’s forgiveness—not your sincerity.
2. Walk in God’s convicting not your persuading.
3. Walk in God’s quickening not your qualification.
4. Walk in God’s hearing not your praying.
5. Walk in His guidance not in your ability to discover.
6. Walk in God’s approval not in man’s applause.
7. Walk in God’s purpose not your dreams.
8. Walk in God’s strength not your weakness.
9. Walk in God’s provision not your investments.
10. Walk in God’s defense not your vulnerability.
11. Walk in God’s faithfulness not your failures.
12. Walk in His consistency not in your steadfastness.
13. Walk in His righteousness not your good works.
14. Walk in His grace not your works.
15. Walk in His promises not your pleading
16. Walk in His Lordship not your making him Lord.
17. Walk in truth rather than your ability to discover
18. Walk in His searching not your introspection.
19. Walk in His love not your feeling.
20. Walk in His Promises not your performances.


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