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Whenever you go to a baseball game and your hearing what some of the commentators think the strategy of a specific team is you never hear that they should just get on base.  Every time a coach gathers his team together before a game he doesn’t say “Alright guys,  let’s get out there and get on base but never score a run.”  A football coach would never be satisfied with his team if they never crossed their own twenty yard line.

Over the years I have witnessed many Christians living their Christian life on second base or huddling on the 50 yard line thinking that is what it took to win the game.  Biblical Living is a unique concept that takes the modern day Christian through a daily process in order to reach the goal of “scoring” every day.  As you begin this journey with me I encourage you to keep several things in mind.


1. Practice.  Just like you could take someone to Yankee stadium, let him hit a ball and run the bases. He could say that he did it once and next time he could do better. Success will show you that processing truth is not reserved for the scholar nor is it a spectator sport.  Get involved and keep working at it.  This part of your life is learned and I’m here to help.

2. Set The Goal. As your working through the Biblical Living entry for that day it is important to keep in mind that goal is to Score (going through the whole process).  Successfully going through the entire process is very important so that you don’t stop in the middle of the process which will leave unprocessed truth.  Get used to “Run till you Score”.   Always think SCORE when you begin looking over the truth that  is being presented, just like a batter when he comes to the plate or football player when they come out of the huddle.

3. Start simply.  Do not start with complex truth.  Start with some examples like the two that follow below.

4.  Participate.  Before you begin the process you can make copies like the Processing forms shown in the processing illustrations.  Make copies for each member of the group or family.  This is not a spectator sport. Guide each participant to fill in each of the four stage. Remember, if you give someone a fish you will feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish you will feed him for a lifetime. The last two stages are personal applications which will undoubtedly be different for a student in high school than for his dad at work.  The final stage extends the process beyond the  huddle (church, home, school) into the arena of life.  During the day entries could be made in this last stage (home plate). Then when the group meets again they can review how they lived the previous truth..The cheers, trophies and success is all oriented around how much truth was processed to the final stage,  It is not how much truth you KNOW but how much you SHOW.

LET THE PROCESSING BEGIN. (everybody should have his own Bible and Processing Form)

Example A. PROCESSING RUN NO. 1 (see worksheet on right)

You could record the following on your work sheet or make entries of your own. Work together at making this personal.
Start with the truth found in Romans 6;23
1st Base—-The KNOW stage we could record key words such as “wages”, “sin”, “gift”. “eternal life”
2nd Base—-The UNDERSTAND stage we could restate the truth into our own words, “my condition deserves death, Jesus made it possible for me to have life if I receive the gift”
3rd Base—-The WISDOM stage we make a personal plan: “today I will  receive Jesus as my Saviour”
Home Plate—-The DO stage we record our personal action, I received Christ.       SCORE!!!!!

Example B. PROCESSING RUN NO. 2 (see worksheet on right)
Take another truth from I Thessalonians 5:18
1st Base—-The KNOW stage we could record words such as: “in” “everything”, “give”, “thanks”.
2nd Base—-The UNDERSTAND stage we could restate the truth in our words, in every situation there is something to give thanks for even if that situation never changes.

3rd Base—-The WISDOM stage we may state, ” i plan to thank God that He is with me in every situation and that one of His names is designed to be specifically for that need even if the situation never changes
Home Plate—-The DO stage I record how I carried out my plan, “When I was lonely I thanked God for being my Friend, When I was in sorrow He was my comfort, in trouble He was my anchor, in temptation He was my strong  and mighty tower, when I was isolated He never left me.”     SCORE!!!!!

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