Reloading and Renewing

Our internet ministry has been launched with results beyond  our expectation.

Please pray for us as we relocate to Durham, North Carolina in the coming weeks.
We will be moving from Pensacola, FL  to Durham between January 22 and  February 3.

Please keep talking to me by leaving comments, FaceBook, Twitter, or Email while we move. I will try to catch you through the local McDonald’s Wi-Fi whenever I get a chance. Continue reading

You Don’t Want to See This

We are not amazed at the evil which God allows. We are amazed at the evil which He holds back. ( II Thessalonians 2:7)
Believers will be removed before that evil is released to pour out on the earth. We do not want to be on earth when that happens. I thank God Evelyn and I will be gone. Oh, by the way, we are not taking Alzheimer’s along.

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