Settling In – Not sinking in.

Settling In We want to make  a difference through our actions and activities in Durham. We do not want to sink in or let circumstances suck us into life without a purpose.

We want to settle in on purpose and with a purpose. Since Alzheimer’s is a reality in our lives we will use that as a lauching point for exhibiting the sufficiency of God’s Grace . The message of Biblical Living will continue through articles, blogs and devotionals.


In a week or two we wil have articles on Repentance (II Timothy 2:25) and Eating God’s Word (Jeremiah 15:16)

Durham, North Carolina

OK, we will make ourselves at home here.  That is a deliberate choice and requires that I put off some of my thoughts about the tar-heels that still linger from the NCAA finals in Minnesota when North Carolina beat Michigan in the. I  cannot even order bratworst without being asked where I came from. At least I just escaped from boiled peanut country in Pensacola.  Also, I was assigned to a doctor at the VA who knew where Meadowlands, Minnesota was located.  Meadowlands was my home as a boy.  It is just north of Duluth.


I really appreciate the patience so many of you exhibited while we went through all the demands of relocation during the past few weeks.  We have done very little on our website blogs and articles. Look for more activity starting with this blog.

The Biblical Living Series

Many of you are using the issue on Proverbs for devotions and Bible Study. You can rest assured that those issues will keep coming as long as possible in the months/years ahead. The topic of the March issue will soon be announced. Get your friends to subscribe.

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