Returned and out of Neutral

We have returned as promised.

Relocation to Durham, North Carolina and the challenges of Alzheimer’s have kept us off-line longer than planned.  Thanks for your continued interest in Living the Truth Ministry. We now plan to get all aspects out of neutral and continue to develop the emphasis on Biblical Living in all areas of life at all times.

Biblical Living Series

The Proverbs devotional is now available to 94 subscribers. You can start receiving these monthly booklets  NOW by entering your email hereSubscriber number 100 will receive a free album  of  four sermons on CD’s entitled “Prescriptions for Living”.

Here is what Bob Taylor had to say about the devotional:

“I did want to let you know that I looked over the material that you sent to me on the book of Joshua.  As always, you have done an outstanding job.  It is just what I would expect from you.  It is very practical and easy to understand and I think it will be a great blessing to many folks.  I think it will especially be good for  group Bible studies, Sunday schools, etc.  We trust God will continue to open the door for you in this area of ministry.  You and I know there is a great famine in the land for some good outstanding, fundamental Bible study material.  I think this will fill a great need.  Thank you for letting me see what God has led you to do.”

Biblical Living Helps

We will publish frequent articles which will help you process truth into all areas of life. Mariangela Niles has volunteered to edit a book which I have written as a textbook for a course on Biblical Living.  One problem! I cannot locate the first two chapters.  We will have that book available later this year. She is also the one who is entering all fifty devotional books onto the computer available for downloading as PDF.


We will present articles which take scripture beyond information to master to truth that masters us.  We have just posted one of the most welcomed articles from the past entitled,  “Developing Character in Characters”.

We welcome your comments. Let’s work together for a revival in Biblical Living in all areas of life at all times.