Reloading and Renewing

Our internet ministry has been launched with results beyond  our expectation.

Please pray for us as we relocate to Durham, North Carolina in the coming weeks.
We will be moving from Pensacola, FL  to Durham between January 22 and  February 3.

Please keep talking to me by leaving comments, FaceBook, Twitter, or Email while we move. I will try to catch you through the local McDonald’s Wi-Fi whenever I get a chance.

We will then reload and continue to post articles that emphasize Biblical Living.

The new devotional -Joshua- has been launched.  In one month we have 68 subscriptions.
You can still download a free issue  of Joshua subscribing at no charge:  Subscribe Here
On January 25th we will switch to the Proverbs issue

Comments from users of the new devotional are encouraging.      Pastor Dave Stertzbach Sr from Arizona wrote:

“Thanks for the practical & visionary posting of this helpful information. It truly is an extension of your traveling ministry only it is via electronic travel rather than over the highways.  The truth processor is beneficial in understanding The cycle of truth that must culminate in action of the truth. Thanks for putting it so simply & succinctly.” This comment was about our post entitled,  “What is a Truth Processor?”

Please take some time to browse through the rest of the site:

Since Alzheimer’s has shut down our road ministry we are diligently attempting to deliver the same message through the internet.

Pray for us and support us in anyway that the Lord leads.

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