Looking at Alzheimer’s through Faith Goggles

Looking at Alzheimer’s through Faith Goggles
Evelyn and I view Alzheimer’s as an assignment not an adversity. We are a special operations team created and resourced with everything we need for every battle.
We have all the supplies, power, and skills necessary to be a victor not a victim, conqueror not conquered, battered but not beaten, overwhelmed but not overcome, troubled but not complaining, diseased but not destroyed, forgotten but not forsaken, lost but not unknown, pressed down but not passed out, and weary but not weak.
We were created and resourced for displaying the sufficiency of God’s Grace. Grace will be tested. God looks around to see who he can count on to display his grace in tough times.  If we cannot handle speed bumps (offenses) He will not use us to demonstrate climbing mountains. God chose Job to display the Grace of patience or perseverance in adversity. God has assigned Evelyn and me the privilege of displaying the sufficiency of His grace in the adversity of Alzheimer’s.
It makes no sense to pray that God would take away Alzheimer’s if that is His assignment unless the assignment is completed. Such a prayer would be like praying that God would give the assignment to someone else.  Maybe it would be saying the we don’t believe it when we say that God’s Grace is sufficient. Let’s praise God for the privilege and the power to carry out the assignment of demonstrating God’s Power and resources through us.
Of course, when we treat the assignment with carelessness, complaint, and self-pity we also demonstrate that God’s grace is insufficient.  We are always demonstrating one or the other.
Alzheimer’s may rip and tear, pierce us with arrows, shock us, torture us, bring us emotional pain, huff and puff like a wolf, or even kill us.  We pray that God’s Grace will at the end of each battle be seen to be sufficient and we did not sin with our lips  (Job 1:22) and that there was “nuthin Grace couldn’t handle”
The wolf may huff and puff and even climb down the chimney but Grace has the water boiling in the pot ready to prepare wolf soup.
Psalms 3 is loaded with statements made by a man who had on his Faith Goggles.  These will help in the midst of your adversity: When you cry God hears, God has already knocked out the teeth and busted the jaw of every growling wolf…all he can do is growl, God’ s blessing are on God’s people even when it looks like they are being cursed.
When we see adversity (put your adversity in the article wherever “Alzheimer’s” appears) through Faith Goggles we are honored to be chosen by God to display the sufficiency of His Grace.  Many people are watching!


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