Care programs can fall into two categories. BARECARE AND FULLCARE


This systems promises to take care of your physical needs such as clothing, food  and hygiene  It will keep you comfortable, safe, secure and sedated if necessary. Little attention is given to care for the soul since it is assumed that Alzheimer’s has left only a shell and there is little to maintain spiritually. Little money is allocated for the inner man and little training is provided in that direction. The  patient is pretty much abandoned to his own efforts for spiritual survival. As a result his inner skills which could readily be strengthened actually deteriorate without being  stimulated or  given opportunity for use.If a patient  only receives barecare he may be spotted sitting unchallenged,indifferent, uninterested, apathetic,  purposeless, ignored and isolated.  I wanted more for the one I was caring for.


At the end of one year  of BARECARE I decided to seek MORE for the patient. I wanted a program that would continue to provide BARECARE buT would also strengthen her remaining skills. She would not only be able to survive but thrive. It would not only stop her remaining skills from deteriorating but actually help them be strengthened and grow.. I found that program in the Master caregiver manual …the Bible .I called this program the FULLCARE program.  It consists of a package of skills which cover all of the exercises that are needed for both the physical and the inner man so that even if the outer man (Alzheimer’s) deteriorates the inner man can be renewed. I applied some of those grace tools to my caregiving with Evelyn and saw her strength and skills improved in significant ways which caused many caregivers and residents to marvel. She spoke with increased coherence and clarity, understood more clearly, participated with increased functional ability, exhibited greatly improved emotional strength and stability and went beyond peddling while seated in the wheelchair to taking seventy weight-bearing steps after she had been told she would never be able to move her feet.

MUSIC IN THE FULLCARE PROGRAM   Music is only one part of the FULLCARE program. All are required for the success of the caregiving exercise. In the balance of the article I will share how I use music care.  in my caregiving.. I believe Music has played an extremely valuable role in the success of our caregiving. Here are some examples of how I used music and the benefits of its use in my caregiving.:

1. Personal preparation at beginning of day

2. Preparation for any event that patient is to  participate especially if difficult.

3. Music helps  patient gather thoughts and helps present coherent communication.

4.Ministers to spirit…peace that passes understanding/

5. Recalls message connected to music.

6. Ministers to others…caregivers and residents.

7 Patience is required since its effect is accumulative

8. Caregiver training and qualification

9 Played in group or solo. on iPod, earphones, iPhone.

10. Music reaches the spirit while drugs can only alter the brain and leave dangerous side effects.

11 Countenance affected




If you look closely at a list of some of the elements which make up a FULLCARE program you will find that they all require considerable time, and therefore personnel and therefore money.  Since the government will not pay for much more than BARECARE one must be very creative in order to find the funds and personnel needed to implement FULL CARE.  Some of this can be solved through use of volunteer personnel.  As husband I was greatly involved in initiating and implementing FULLCARE for the benefit of my wife. Notice some of the elements of FULLCARE and how they require time and money.

Patience, Faith, Vision, Presence, Prosthetic, Relationship, Listening, Creative team problem solving, Praise, Prayer, Perception

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  1. Dear Reuben,
    I don’t know if you will ready this or not…My Name is Jim Kiefer. I met you in Naples Italy back in the early 90’s. My wife Tammy and I were serving in the Navy and you came to minister at Bible Baptist Church. You were such a blessing, your messages are still part of my spiritual base 20+ years later. Tammy is doing well and our family has grown from 2 children to 12. I am now the pastor of a church in Perryville, MO. I would love to hear from you if you get this message. (573) 547-8960

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