Getting a handle on Time

God tells us to “redeem the time”.  That requires getting a handle on time and managing it. How can I get a handle on such an abstract concept as time. It’s like the wind.  Show me what it looks like.   I am going to try to draw a picture of time so we can manage it.
Since I am lousy at drawing pictures on the Internet I will let you draw the picture from my words.

Here is a definition I think will help: Time is life  divided into segments of time (number our days- Psams 90;12) which can be managed (you are a manager-Genesis 1:28) and filled full with eternal living (beyond temporal–Matthew 6:33).

Now for some comments: Manage time as segments of eternity minted into minutes. “Now” is a meeting of the past and the future. You are living in eternity “now”  When time is linked to life – an abstract concept/reality is given an observable and manageable dimension.

So here is the picture of time you can draw if you like.  Draw a railroad track starting from heaven that goes right by your life and than returns to  heaven. Got it so far? God gives us railroad cars representing segments of time (five minute segments or whatever segment you wish to use). He constantly adds more empty cars. The cars move at a steady pace right by us and eventually return to heaven where the content is tested as of by fire. Some content will be burned up like hay, wood and stubble because it had nothing to do with eternal living.  Other content may be as gold, silver and precious stones. Our responsiblility is to fill those cars as they pass by us with content (living) that has eternity future in mind. We would be wise to learn how to manage our ‘now”. That’s why our most important piece of time is “today” (Hebrews 3 & 4).  In the next few articles we will look at filling those cars as they pass by with living that counts for eternity by setting goals, prioritizing, scheduling and working the plan. We can get a handle on time.  Did you draw the picture of time?  What observations about time would you make from that picture.  Be sure to put the picture in motion.

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