Equipping the Saints with the Skills of Grace

All of our preaching focuses on equipping the saints with the skills of grace that are essential for soldiers to be strong and endure…………  (II Timothy 2)
A marine must be trained in basic battle skills in order to effectively fight on the battlefield
of Iwo Jima or Iraq.  Likewise, a Christian soldier must be trained in supernatural skills in order to fight supernatural adversaries in this hostile world.  The following ten skills of grace are required to produce conquerors, overcomers, and saints that endure in hardship.
1. *NEW IDENTITY*:  For strength, endurance and encouragement remember who you were (desperately needy) and who you are (wonderfully graced) and who you will become (fully transformed).  Soulwinning that starts with the law (desperately needy), leads to “what must I do to be saved”, and then offers Grace which produces commitment.
2.*NEW ADVERSITIES*:  Adversities are the training ground for leadership.  They reveal the condition of the heart (keel of a sailboat, root of tree).  You will be trained to expect adversities not be surprised by them.  You will be taught how to fight and conquer every adversity by assuming personal responsibility for your response.  You will be trained to see the benefits and opportunities found only in adversity.
3. *NEW RESOURCES*(GRACE):  When you became a follower of Christ, all the resources you need were set aside for your use.  We will identify each item and teach you how to use it in life and ministry.
4.*NEW ACCESS* (FAITH):  You will learn how to access your resources by faith.  Without faith it is impossible to carry out your mission of obedience.  Faith requires a growing fellowship with God and obedience to God’s Word.  Satan is constantly trying to disconnect your connection to Grace by causing you to doubt God and His promises.  God is scanning Christians looking for a grain of faith so He can open the floodgates of grace (II Chronicles 16:9).  You must learn how to faith-preach, faith-walk, faith-parent, and faith-live.
5. *NEW FELLOWSHIP* (KNOW GOD):  You are created for an intimate relationship/fellowship with God.  Without that growing fellowship with God every area of life and ministry will be frustrated.  Faith (access to resources) will be missing since faith is based on trust in God that comes through knowing God.
6. *NEW INSTRUCTION MANUAL* (GOD’S WORD):  Your mind must be instructed by God’s Word.  You do not naturally think God’s way.  In order to be strong in adversity you must learn how to search the Scriptures for instruction, reproof, and correction for life and ministry.
7. *NEW VIEW OF LIFE*:  You will learn to see life in a new way.  These areas include success, adversity, people, self, authority, truth, responsibility, character, skill, possessions, identity, Scripture, priority, and time.  Our view affects our living.
8. *NEW RESPONSE*:  You will be trained to respond to people and circumstances in a new way.  Old responses will not work in your new life and ministry.
9. *NEW HEART*:  You must learn how to “Prepare your Heart” (Ezra 7:10) to live and minister.  All living starts with the heart.
10. *NEW PURPOSE*:  You have a new mission.  In the past, you focused all of your living on your success.  Now you live and minister to make God a success.  You must learn to refocus your purpose for living.
Training will be carried out using the TELL-SHOW-COACH METHOD.  After you have been trained you will be prepared for the ministry and no longer a novice.  Then you can train others to “Fight the Good Fight of Faith.”  Let’s join together in walking in “Newness of Life”.

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