Come and Dine


God places in a Christian a hunger and thirst after Righteousness.  He then invites us to come and dine (John 21:12) for the purpose of chewing on the Words and discovering the content,  identifying underlying principles, recognizing ways to obey and then realize actual obedience.

Whenever people are called together for the purpose of dining, someone will comment on etiquette and  menu. Usually a great deal of attention is given clothing and posture or the use of silverware.  Much attention is given  to ourselves.  Instead the master’s call to dine is to people who hunger and thirst for righteousness.  The main purpose is to chew on the Words of Scripture in order to discover and release spiritual ideas, thoughts and principles in order to nourish our hunger and thirst for righteousness.  The Holy Spirit is the one who guides us as we do the work.  He enlightens, illuminates,and quickens.  By the end of the dining each person will have chewed on Bible food resulting in knowledge, understanding, wisdom and obedience based on the identified portion of Scripture. We should be like the lady in Germany who said that the message “tasted good and filled her up”. Here are some suggestions for good dining:


–                Focus:  Try to focus on chewing instead of clothes, posture, style and etiquette.

–                Chew:  It’s all about chewing (meditation and thinking).  Chew slowly and taste the little wonderful insights and meaning. The more you chew and crack open the words the more the flavor appears.  Starring at food will not suffice – you must chew not swallow whole.  While chewing you may think that you tasted that with another item on the menu (Isaiah 53):  Ask for a slice of that other item.

–                Chew not admire.  This is a restaurant not a museum

–                Menu:  Items on the menu:  Cut of Romans, Slice of Revelation, Slab of Psalm 101, Plate of Ps. 119.  Tonight it is a bowl of Psalm 3

–                Never Perish, spoil,  grow old, get stale, or wilt. It is always fresh.

–                Eat words: always wanted to eat my words.  Now eat God’s Word.

–                Not admire (Museum).  Wonderful word and content.

–                No waste, its all good.  Never too much.

–                Mind food/tools.  Keep mental teeth clean.  Learn to use think, meditate, behold, look, ponder, consider, observe, listen and summarize.

–                Dig In, Enjoy, make noise (smack your lips, gulp, and slurp)

–                Keep food handy – finger food, desk drawers, or undercover.

–                Jeremiah 15 and 16:  Thy words were found and I did eat them.

–                No throw away dishes.  Bad news – You subtracted.

–                No condiments or salt – if anyone adds.. bad news for him

–                Etiquette

–                Standing invitations

–                Disrespect: Not eat, not show up when invited

–                Picking in your plate is allowed.  Set aside, take home in doggie bag – chew some more tonight

–                Holy Spirit Illuminates:  Wow!  I never saw that before.  Look at it this way

o     Answers – What’s this?

o     Suggests:  Try checking on this – mix it with a little Isaiah 53”.  These two go together, Wrath/Love.  This brings out this in that

o     You need this for that to work – (Fear of the Lord for submission) like vitamins

–                No spectators:  Not chew and share the taste.

–                Chew while driving, bathing,and resting.  Have a notepad handy

–                Trust that you will say, ‘that tasted good, filled me up”

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