Truth Processing Hints

Whenever you go to a baseball game and your hearing what some of the commentators think the strategy of a specific team is you never hear that they should just get on base.  Every time a coach gathers his team together before a game he doesn’t say “Alright guys,  let’s get out there and get on base but never score a run.”  A football coach would never be satisfied with his team if they never crossed their own twenty yard line. Continue reading

January’s Biblical Living Series

LIVING THE TRUTH THROUGH JOSHUA will be our featured issue in the Biblical Living Series for January 2011. The series is built around an entirely fresh concept called  TRUTH PROCESSING. There are 30 different Biblical truths that are designed to lead you beyond studying the Bible into Living the Bible, beyond New Life and into New Living, beyond mastering the Bible and into the Bible mastering you, and beyond knowing the truth into doing the truth.

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