Attracted By Grace

Evelyn and I want our lives to attract others to the grace of God.
It is a challenging journey to live with Alzheimer’s disease, one we would not have chosen but God is helping us through the adventure one day at a time. I am reminded at even 78 years old that I could not do this without my BIG GOD.  He has given us a peace that passes all understanding. What wonderful grace!(
We are having many opportunities to minister to people about the sufficiency of the resources of grace.  Evelyn was given a doll we call Peaches. This doll is “real” to her and is her constant companion. Peaches draws out of Evelyn many expressions of grace including compassion, love, patience, self-sacrifice, faith, trust, courage and caring.  These qualities when exhibited through Evelyn’s actions and attitude attract people in restaurants, hospitals, stores, church…..everywhere. People come to us and we then have had many opportunities to turn the conversation toward Christ and His sufficiency for salvation, comfort, strength, and everything.  All Evelyn needs to do is sit with  Peaches on her lap.  I plan to write a tract about Peaches to hand to people who inquire along with a church tract.  My desire is to provide as many opportunities as possible for her to express or display the grace of God. In this manner she has purpose and meaning through use of her remaining skills. Our focus is not on the skills which Alzheimer’s has taken away but to show how God can bring beauty out of ashes
.Grace attracts. We recently went to a dental clinic at a large sports center in Raleigh, North Carolina.  While we waited there for some hours our interaction with each other and with Peaches was noted by many people who came and inquired about our situation. We were able to tell them about the grace of God which is in Christ Jesus. During that time a local TV station asked if we could be interviewed. You can see that interview (greatly modified) here on Search for “ewert” and take a look at Peaches and Evelyn. I love that lady
.Pray that we can be a testimony to the grace of God in our lives so that people will say,  “I want what I see in their lives…the sufficiency of God’s Grace”. When people find out that we have been married 56 years we also have opportunity to tell them about the  kind of love that God gives us. The kind of love that binds us closer just when we need each other most rather than separates and abandons.