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In order to successfully take any raw material from being a POSSESSION it must be PROCESSED and only then does it become a PRODUCT. Crude Oil must be refined in order to become gas. Water must be processed in order to become power. food must be eaten in order to produce physical health and strength. Truth (God’s word)) must be processed in order to produce inner health and strength. In every case we have mentioned (and many more) A processor and a support group combine to make up a system. In the website we will thirteen elements that make up a Truth Processing System which can be set up in every person, home, college, or church.Spiritual health and fruitful living is promised by God (Colossians 1:9-11).          

   All we need to do is process God’s Word through the four steps in a Truth Processor. We will offer to train you to be an active Truth Processor. All articles will be entered and can be retrieved under one of four categories: Truth Processor, Processing Truth, Alzheimer’s Caregiving, and Personal.

A visual of a Truth Processor and the support elements needed for producing fruit. Col: 1:9-

A visual of a Truth Processor and the support elements needed for producing fruit. Col: 1:9-


All Christians are invited to actively process Truth into fruit and wellness. Then we are to train new Christians to be Truth processors. (Matthew 28:20). We will take you on a mini tour where we will define and describe a truth processor. Each component will be identified and explained briefly.The following visual of a truth processor will be followed by a working definition. You may wish to print a copy of the visual since we will refer to it frequently throughout this website.


A quick look at the Truth Processing System: Raw material such as a seed  (God’s Word) is placed in a prepared atmosphere (soil or heart) and worked through a four stage Truth processor (knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and walk (obedience)), add some faith resulting in a product (fruit). The processor is supported by a trainer, an enabler, tools and faith. The operator must learn how to troubleshoot, overcome obstacles, and take advantage of opportunities to use the processor in all areas of life. Each of these components will be explained more thoroughly in future article.

The actual processing consists of the four steps in the center of the visual.  Using the game of football (slightly altered) picture a football field marked off into four segments. At the 25 yard line you place a marker “Knowledge” at the fifty yard line place a marker “Understanding”, 25 yards farther you place a marker,”Wisdom”, and at the far goal line place a marker, “Obedience”. The objective of the game is to “process” the football through all four markers into order to score and produce the product…a touchdown.

Another analogy might be to play a slightly altered game of baseball. Superimpose the bases in a straight line on the football field. First base is on the 25-yard line etc. Given a baseball in the batters box the runner must process the baseball the length of the field touching all the bases until he crosses home plate. The runner must run until he scores.

The field is a wide field with each runner given space to run the length of the field. Everyone runs at the same time. There is no competition. In fact, there are no spectators. Everyone is helping one another succeed in running until you score. An entire family is helping each other run till they all score. Or all the people of a congregation are helping each other run the bases as was the case in Nehemiah 8. This is discipleship ( I need someone to draw a visual of the football/baseball processing to illustrate the Truth Processor).

The field is prepared. The bases are laid out. The footballs and baseballs are at the batters box and goal line but where are the runners/processors. It seems like everyone is in the stands waiting for the players to show up. Everyone is invited to come down and run but everyone wants to be a spectator. Some have come down and run to first base and think they have scored. Others have gotten to second base and received awards and trophies. The owner is waiting at home plate/goal line for someone to actually score a run/touchdown. How can we get more people to run and score pleasing the owner and producing fruit. Come on down and Run!. In the next category we will work together to get more Truth Processors “Procession Truth”



Christians are like oil refineries which are assigned the task of extracting the rich resources and processing the oil into gas and pleasing the owner. The owner is only pleased if all the oil drills are pumping (heads are bobbing) and the refineries are producing products for living. Likewise, God has given all Christians the resources of God’s word. Picture a church filled with Christians processing God’s word into life. We have been created to process God’s word and bear fruit and wellness. Our responsibility with new Christians is to train them to Process truth. to do what they are created for..good works. ..Truth processors Mt 28:20. not spectators who watch others produce fruit and health. In the analogy of baseball/football….how can we help people RUN TILL THEY SCORE.

Articles in the ‘Processing Truth” category will take a portion of scripture through the knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and walk stage somewhere in the article. We challenge the reader to take the same portion of scripture through the same process and like the Bereans check out to see if those things are so.

In order to help get the processing started I have provided four posts which provide hints and illustrations for your help.  Reference those posts by retrieving November 2012 articles on the sidebar. Also in that group of posts you will find access to a truth processing guide and one of fifty booklets that each have thirty processed scripture that you can process into your daily living 10 BLS-Nehemiah-Devotional

Many articles will show that there is an emphasis that leads us to be satisfied with getting to first base (knowledge) which makes us think we have arrived and stop Running the bases and never arrive at the fruitful stage. We will look at some suggestions for changing that subtle assumption.


Evelyn in Rehab at Treyburn Nursing Home

Evelyn in Rehab at Treyburn Nursing Hom

After four years of research and experience in caregiving we have had a measure of success providing the kind of care that goes beyond surviving and on to thriving. We plan to share with you some of the principles and procedures we have implemented in our caregiving.

Since caregiving is very much oriented to individuals at different stages of the disease and environment of their lives we can only state what we are finding effective at this moment. The articles in this category may be retrieved under a search for “Alzheimer’s Caregiving”



Any articles that do not fit under “Truth Processor”,  “Processing Truth” or “Alzheimer’s Caregiving” will be available under this ‘Personal” category. I suppose that makes our life seem very limited unless we are aware that the raw material of God’s word affects “all our ways”  (Proverbs 3:5-6). It seems to me that we would be living a very well (Deuteronomy 5: 29) and having a fruitful life (Colossians 1:10) if we were processing God’s word into whatever we do (I Corinthians 10:31)



Evelyn and I are a very privileged couple.

In 1955 we were married in Saginaw, Michigan

Reuben and Evelyn after wedding in 1955 We have had three assignments over the years since then


In 1955 I was discharged from the Army after having served in Korea. I found a job at a chemical firm in Midland, Michigan and immediately joined a church. We were asked to serve the Lord by working with the youth. As a team, Evelyn and I actively served in that local church, raised a family of

Reuben and Evelyn and Family






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  1. Greetings Rueben

    You sir are truly a man of God!!!!!!I found one of your older cassette
    yes Mentioned cassette audio book, that I ‘ve been listening to while only route as I deliver meals on wheels. That audio book keeps stirring me within.
    This is going to sound like a goofy request but do you have any more cassettes that you could sell.My truck is old and plays only them and like
    myself I’m older also and enjoy listening to them.
    I wished more folks in Christianity would have the love and appreciation for God that you have or at least comes through on your teachings!!!!!!!
    I lost my lovely wife to cancer two years this June. She wasn’t a church person but always prayed to God and thanked Jesus etc. When she was getting ready to cross over ,hospice staff asked her what faith/religon she had and her response was simply, “Be Nice”. How true she was to that!!!!!
    You take care and blessings to you.

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