The Year of The Tsunami

Evelyn and I have stood in the ocean of 2010 and been hit by huge waves that came from every direction and been pulled by the rip tide out to the end of ourselves.

Then all of a sudden the tsunami of God’ s grace came to rescue us and we found ourselves standing on the Solid Rock.  We suspect that the storms of 2011 will be even greater than those of 2010.  Our bodies may be battered and bruised and we may be almost overwhelmed  but we know that God’s Grace will always be sufficient to bring us through.

We are pleased to report that our ministry has not shut down.  In September when Alzheimer’s knocked the feet out from under us we were unsure what was next.  Grace put us back on our feet (not back on the road) and lead us to change the way we deliver the same message as before.  We no longer will preach the message from church to church across the USA and Europe as we did since 1979.  We will deliver the message on Biblical Living through the internet. Will you help us?

WEBSITE.  We have launched a new website. Please take time to check us out and tell your friends , family and  church members, and fellow pastors that we are back on line. Our website address is

FREE DEVOTIONAL ON JOSHUA.  A series of fifty booklets is being introduced.  A copy is free through our website. Subscribe now and you will receive a new booklet each month. This booklet has a built-in truth processor. It will take you beyond Bible study to Bible Living.  Tell each member of your family, church,and  Sunday school class to get their free copy today. Let’s all live through Joshua in January, Proverbs in February, and on through the year.

ARTICLES. We will provide articles at least once each week. These will help relate truth to life. Check out the article, “Marriage, A Commitment Not a Trial”

ALZHEIMER’S.  As many of you know this disease is very demanding and troublesome. I (Reuben) will do my best to be a diligent caregiver. That will be my highest priority.  The internet ministry will advance only as a secondary priority. We ask for your help. We have a great team working together on the content and platform of this website.  We invite you to join us by participating, praying, promoting and supporting us as we work together for a revival in Biblical Living.

Grace is more than enough.

2 thoughts on “The Year of The Tsunami

  1. Great to see how you have been able to continue your ministry. The Lord has blessed you richly, and I pray that many will continue to be blessed as you make your life’s work available on line. May we be an encouragemnt to you as you have been to us over the years.

  2. Many great memories come popping up when Lynn is mentioned: your care for Lucy, lots of help with truth in SS, and fun during two weeks at your house.

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