Mission-God’s Glory

Make God’s Name Big!

That is our mission – our assignment! Will we carry out our lifelong mission?

Your first thought in the morning – minute-by-minute could be – “How can I display God’s character” in this activity – in this place? Think big! Think creatively! This is why you are here on planet earth – your purpose, your goal. Focus all your energy, time, and thought, on living for God’s glory. (Psalm 145:1) “I will extol thee, my God, O King; and I will bless thy name for ever and ever.

In order to carry out this mission it is important for you to know God’s character and attributes. Here again, this pursuit is based on our intellectual, illuminated and intimate fellowship with God.

Our attitude must be changed from self-centered to God-centered living before we can live our new life in Christ for the purpose God created us.

Self-centered living is the nature we had when we were born. We have no other nature until we receive God’s nature at salvation. We were born self-centered, crybabies who surrounded ourselves with people and institutions who help us be comfortable, secure, successful and accepted, a buddy for companionship when lonely, delivery boy, order taker, tool for specialized service. Anything that works against that purpose is avoided or replaced. We want to be number one and be independent. We only need God when we have made a mess of our lives and are in trouble. This me-centered living does not work. We were not created to be self-centered. God will not help us make our self-seeking work.

God created for an entire different purpose. We were created to be God-centered and me-forgetting. Until we live by faith with that attitude we will misapply scripture and live in bondage as a result. How you view your place in life will affect your living, expectation and motivations. Our attitude will affect our actions. With self at the center we will use God for our purposes and plans. With God at the center we will live every moment for the sole purpose of displaying God’s character. “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30). We need to make a radical attitude change!