What a difference one year makes!

We have been at Treyburn in Durham for one year. What a difference!                God is very very good!  He loads us daily with His benefits (Psalms 68:19.) His mercies  are new every morning (Lamentations 3:23). Evelyn and I have been in Durham for one year in October 2013. We have been blessed with great improvement in every aspect of Evelyn’s wellbeing despite the challenges of Alzheimer’s. We are grateful for God’s caregiving, Evelyn’s courage, Treyburn Nursing Homes’ cooperative staff, and my research and effort to provide care beyond surviving to thriving . I think that the two following pictures will show that her countenance has greatly improved rather than deteriorated.We are working at implementing even further changes that may be of even greater blessing for Evelyn.

Evelyn and Reuben in Fayetteville -8/13

Evelyn and Reuben in Fayetteville -8/12

Reuben and Evelyn at Treyburn in Durham 10/13

Reuben and Evelyn in Durham 10/13




Processing Proverbs 21:25-26


 The Truth ProcessorFirst Base—KNOWLEDGE (at this stage I merely record or memorize some of the scripture or a parallel scripture. There are dozens of verses that deal with slothfulness.

This stage sticks with the facts of scripture and provides a tap-root for all of the next three stages.)

Second base—UNDERSTANDING (This stage selects some key words and identifies their meaning. Principles are identified. Attempt to put in your own words without changing the meaning).  Here is what I wrote: “A slothful person desires something which he does not possess such as power, reputation, influence, position, or pleasure. He covets or thinks frequently about how he can get those things. However, since he is slothful (skilled at avoiding work or making excuses he never sees his desires fulfilled.) This kills him with bitterness and envy. The righteous on the other hand works so he can give and spare not. There is more hope for a fool than a sluggard. (Proverbs 26:16  (This stage provides fiber or confidence for the next stages.)

Third base—WISDOM (This is the stage where I identify at least one way I will apply this scripture to my life today)

I desire a good marriage so I will work at it today by listening on purpose to her at least twice with undivided attention. Second, instead of coveting the possession of another I will give some possession of mine to a person that needs it.

Home—WALK.  (This is the stage where I actually realize the truth becoming a reality in my life. A sluggard seldom gets to this stage because each stage increasingly requires more work.) Now, all day long I will be looking to live out this scripture by putting off slothfulness (getting) and putting on righteousness (giving and sparing not)

I would enjoy hearing how you processed this verse

Processing the Truth of Joshua 1:9

The truth from the day was Joshua 1:9: “Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.” Look in your Joshua devotional for the first day and follow along as we process that truth and when we got to the final stage where we did what God commanded then the fire in Evelyn’s dream went out.  

Using the truth processing worksheet like that on the right we took just a few minutes to process that Joshua 1:9 in this fashion:

RECALL (knowledge). We identified some key words which gave us a Biblical basis for our action at the Realize (DO) stage. We need to override our assumptions, feelings and opinions. These are the key words which we wrote down in the RECALL section: ‘commanded”, “strong”, “very courageous”, “not afraid”, “the Lord God”, “with thee”, “whithersoever thou goest”.

RESTATE (understanding) The Recall stage is like putting food in the mouth, understanding involves chewing. It involves determining the meaning. It takes sentimental and emotional words and gives them substance. It provides confidence for the actions. Taking each key word from the Recall stage we filled each word with meaning. Just a short study of the words and we were able to put the verse in our own words or commentary.  “  I am commanded to be strong and unafraid therefore to fail to do so is disobedience and failure to be aware of the presence of God and His power in us.
I summarized that in a simple principle, ”No Fear –God is Here.”

RELATE (wisdom) (This stage moves us beyond mastering the Bible to having the Bible master us.) When we identify specific applications we gain awareness of the relationship of truth to life I wrote down in my devotional these three ways I planned to live differently because of Joshua 1;9. ‘ Today I will not be afraid and will be strong when I witness at the restaurant. I will not be dismayed when the dreams give us problems, I will focus on your presence and the comfort, protection etc that you provide with your presence.

REALIZE. (walk) The purpose of truth is to realize or do what he has commanded.  In this section I keep record of the truth I have lived and how.  This is my diary of obedience.
So far I have been able to identify three times that we have not been afraid (when bad dreams occur, going to sleep not knowing what we will do, and many questions about the future.  Each time we were free from dismay and fear to the degree that we focused on God’s presence and power.

I have found this devotional so helpful all day long that I may just park here for a few days. On Sunday I may chose to focus on one of the sermons and process it into my life.

The important emphasis of the Biblical Living Series is to go through all four stages as often as you can.  Each stage is important but it is the last stage that produces success, fruit and  great joy to God (III John 4).

Truth Processing Hints

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What is a Truth Processor?

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